Term of services

Our mission is to foster genuine connections by enabling users to share real moments with their friends. To define our mutual expectations, we've established these Terms of Service ("Terms"), our Privacy Policy, and Community Standards, collectively known as the "User Agreement". Please familiarize yourself with these terms. By using Drip, you consent to the User Agreement.

1. Eligibility and Use

  • Our “Services” encompass all aspects of the Drip mobile applications, our website (https://dripsundays.com/), and associated software.

  • Use of our Services is limited to actual humans aged 13 or older. In certain jurisdictions, parental or guardian consent might be required.

  • If representing another entity or individual, you must have legal authorization.

2. Data Protection and Privacy

  • Our Privacy Policy outlines our data handling practices. By using Drip, you agree to these practices.

3. Content Responsibility

  • You're accountable for the content you share, ensuring legality and adherence to the User Agreement.

  • Content includes but isn't limited to photos, videos, emojis, captions, and messages.

  • Unauthorized or violative content will be removed. Please review our Community Standards for specifics.

  • You retain ownership of your content but grant Drip licenses under certain conditions, detailed below:

  • Friends Only Content: Shared exclusively with your friends. If you opt to share this with Drip for wider use, you grant us a license.

  • Globally Shared Content: Shared with the Drip community. Using our Services grants us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license for this content's distribution and reproduction.

4. Reporting and Compliance

  • We don't routinely monitor content, but you can report violations through our platform tools or website forms.

  • Intellectual property infringements can also be reported directly.

5. Service Termination

  • Accounts sharing violative content or violating the User Agreement may be suspended or banned.

  • Some violations may lead to immediate permanent suspension. Appeals can be made through our support form.

  • Accounts inactive for over two years will be deleted with prior notification.

  • You may delete your account at any time through settings.

6. License

  • The Drip name, trademarks, and proprietary features are protected by law. No rights to these are conferred through the User Agreement.

  • Users receive a personal, non-assignable license to use our software while actively using our services.

  • Feedback provided to Drip about our Services can be freely utilized by us.

7. Limitation of Liability

  • By using our services, you agree to a limitation of liability as permissible in your residence country.

8. Governing Law

  • Any litigation will occur exclusively in New York, New York and will be governed by New York law, unless prohibited by local laws.

9. Updates and Amendments

  • The User Agreement may be updated anytime and your continued use signifies agreement.

  • Any unenforceable provisions won't affect the remainder of the User Agreement.

10. Contract and Feedback

  • We welcome your questions and feedback. Contact us through our help center.